Life at Crossroads…

The famous poem that I recall while writing this article is describing the teen phase as:

“I am one step ahead of childhood and one behind adulthood”, this is probably a twilight phase, transitioning from childhood to adulthood, in a way we are also in the twilight zone, between work and studies. While we are through with our first foray into professional career, we are still aspiring to be future leaders…

We are one step ahead of professionalism and one behind leadership.

The rebel phase of teens can often be seen in us, the way we react to certain situations like deadlines, assignments, submissions and other related rules. We want to rebel against the manacles of education and discipline and indulge in the comforts of mall and multiplexes and do so at every opportunity that we get.

Critical aspect which will guard us against going astray, as is for the teens is,  having the control to say no when we know what we are doing is not right. This is the time to realize our responsibilities and rise to the occasion of being budding managers and future leaders and conduct ourselves in a likely manner.

This is the time to channelize all our rebellion productively into creating a wonderful learning atmosphere for us and also for our fellow classmates. To enrich ourselves from every opportunity that is provided to us in terms of academic and non academic learning; to transition from knowledgeable professionals to wise managers.

“Knowledge is proud that it knows so much;

Wisdom is humble that it knows no more.”

by Madhumitha Raghavan MBA (Finance & Banking) 1st Yr.

A Job Well Done

All of us have what it takes to change the world. But the question is how many of us realize this fact and act, while there is still time? One man did and look how he shattered all paradigms, broke the natural order and redefined (read “refined”) the way we perceive the world around us. Starting from his garage, Steve Jobs created one of the most successful companies that ever took shape on this planet. In his lifetime, he single-handedly, if I may be permitted to say so, revolutionised the whole of computer industry, the phone industry and the music industry; each one, a feat on its own. And the list does not just end here.

An entrepreneur, a business man, an innovator, a visionary and a man obsessed with perfection, Jobs left no stone unturned in making Apple more than just a fruit for the common man. In an era where every other company was busy spending millions of dollars on product research based on notions of additivity and complexity, his products continuously reinforced and plastered the age old saying, “less is more,” in the walls of modern day industries and forced them to think differently.

Despite the fact that he was adopted, despite the fact that he received no formal education and despite the fact that he got kicked out from the very company he founded, Steve Jobs never lost hope. His work ethic and principles kept him glued to his dream and instead of getting bogged down by the setbacks that he had, he fought back harder each time and created opportunities as he went along. Pixar Animation Studios was created by Jobs during the period he was fired from Apple using the money that he had leftover owing to the huge success that his company initially had, back in 1982.

Apart from his own passion and strong belief, Jobs’ greatest achievement, according to me, is the fact that the people who worked with him were as passionate and devoted to what he believed in. And all credit goes to him. It was he, who as their leader, motivated them and inspired them to think big, and think different. “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish” was his message to the youth.

Besides an iconic entrepreneur, he was also an accomplished innovator and a genius beyond recognition. He was the Da Vinci of our time. The 317 Apple patents that list him among the group of inventors offer a peek at his enormous say over the minute details of the company’s products and his ingenuity. He invented not only the company’s iconic computer cases but also even the glass staircases that are featured in many Apple stores.

Known for their elegance and simplicity of design, Apple products are more than just a piece of number-crunching-gear that you carry around in your pockets or bags. They have in them an intuitive feel, a human touch, the kind that makes it virtually impossible for any passer-by to spare them just a fleeting glance and this is an integral part of any apple product available on the market today. It has become even more prominent now with the launch of the iPhone4S which boasts of a superior voice recognition feature, nicknamed ‘SIRI’, which can give any personal assistant a run for his/her money.

If only Jobs lived a wee bit longer, who knows what other impossibilities could he have made possible. Which another dimension could he have brought in or taken out? If one fruit could do so much for mankind, just imagine the basket that nature has to offer.

At times I wonder if whoever originally coined the phrase, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away,” was fully aware of the hovering symbolism.

Rishav Agarwal – BTech 3rd Yr

Launching NU Xpress

Fun, laughter, sadness, pain, enthusiasm….fleeting moments …….the realisation …..till lo and behold, the moment is gone. What if these moments could be captured and turned into beautiful memories…that remain with us forever!

It is said that words are the most powerful means of expressing and connecting to others and to one self; we are therefore happy to announce the launch of NIIT University Blog which brings the fantastic opportunity to hone your ability.

It has been a while since we have been wanting an online platform, where ALL from NU can CONNECT, Voice their opinions, Express themselves, and so this Blog!!

This is THE place to EXPRESS yourself, and hence the name NUXPRESS!!  We have really high hopes from this BLOG and look forward for articles from ALL@NU!! From the Students, Staff, Faculty , Anybody!!

We also realise that creativity is seamless and therefore contributions in any form write-ups, jokes, riddles, comic script creations, illustrations, sketches, photographs are all WELCOME.  Use this platform to realise your potential and share your thoughts.

College Life is that phase of life when emotions are at their peak. Each day , comes with endless saga of incidents, laughs, hopes, opportunities and of course the frustrations, fights and the line “Kyaaa hoga HUMAARA??”

For now, Let’s just say “Jo hoga, acha hoga!!”  and start off this NUXPRESS! and share our feelings as we’re all a part of this NU journey together!!

So fasten your seatbelts and Write on….

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