Knowledge is Power and Ideas Rule the World

Doing the right thing, in the right way and at the right time will produce the results you want and deliver the goods. In other words, knowing what to do, when where and how, is the master key to your success. Gain knowledge and get ideas. Know the things over which you have power and shape them to your advantage. Learn and analyze your strength and weakness. You have total power over your attitudes, outlook and conduct. Think positively and act decisively. 
If you want people to flock to you, talk wedding bells and do not sound funeral chimes. Appreciate what other do for you and make the appreciation come from your heart. People crave for recognition and appreciation. Even more you must first establish yourself as a good and appreciative listener. Everyone wants, nay, truly craves, for an enthusiastic and appreciative audience. Become and remain an enthusiastic and interesting listener and encourage the other people to talk. One learns and gets to know by listening. On the other hand, one only exposes oneself by talking. You get the advantage when you listen and lose it when you talk. 
You can make people feel important by asking them to talk and tell you about their accomplishment and achievements. Let them have a chance of playing the big hero. If you want an individual to like you and take to you instantly, let him feel that you really like him and are favorably impressed by him. 
Words which convey joy, speech that spells success and sounds that ring wedding bells attract and bring others to your fold. Banish negative words like defeat, depression, failure, misfortune, trouble etc. from your thoughts, vocabulary and expression. Words move people. Let us use them to build up people to make them feel better, feel important, feel wanted, and feel big and happy. 
by Kapil Mohan Gupta

A day at NIIT University

Studying a residential programme in a good university is a wonderful experience. I am enjoying this experience for the past few months. Day begins with morning; wake up at around 7 a.m, bathe and get ready for breakfast and classes. By 8.00- 8.15 a.m we reach mess for having a breakfast and then run for the classes to reach before 8.30 a.m. Morning lecture begins with different subject on different days. With fresh minds we feel good to study, although sometimes sleepy due to late nights to meet deadlines. After 2 lectures there is break of one hour during which there is small business update session to enhance the knowledge and presentation skills of students. After this small session, its time to break for tea and refresh ourselves for the next 2 lectures before lunch. At 11.30 a.m, the lectures begin and we learn other subjects.

Sometimes surprise quizzes bombard us. At 1.30 p.m we have lunch. After completing lunch we run to hostel to cat nap for 15 minutes, sometimes which is also not possible due to pending assignments, quizzes or presentations in the remaining lectures. Then at 2.30 p.m lectures begins, very difficult time to study as after having good lunch its feels very sleepy but somehow we manages. After another round of 3 hrs o lectures or discussion hours we finally get free by 5.30 p.m, time to have evening snacks and gossip at tea table.

Then we go and play some indoor or outdoor games or walk for 15 to 30 minutes. Then back to our hostels, take some rest and back to studies recapitulating what was taught in classes during the day. 8.30 p.m, time to dine and chat with parents or other relatives.

Finally by 9.30 or 10.00 p.m we are back to our hostel to check mails and other social networking sites; start studying and complete all our pending work. After completing all this we go to bed by 1.00 a.m or sometimes later due to pressures of work. Mostly days are exuberant and we enjoy each and every moment either in class during studies or gossiping with friends outside.

by Ashish Bansal

MBA (Finance & Banking)

What If I Never Picked Up A Pen?

I wonder at times,
What if I never picked up a pen?

Would things have been any different?

I dint follow the words of inspiration,

And those pretty words of great motivation.

Without writing out what I had in my head,

Those things that I could have never said,

What if I’d let them stay inside me instead,

They would have kept me awake on my bed.

At present,

Whether I want to whisper or want to shout,

I follow my code and pen it out,

It gives me peace leaving no shadow of doubt,

And slowly with time it all fades out.

I write out my own chapters to solve my internal fights,

And then keep them away somewhere out of my sight,

Then like old books on a shelf they don’t disturb my nights,

In that serenity of a silent mind all my senses unite.

And the paths ahead are bright as daylights.

Thus, I’m glad to follow the words of inspiration,

Those pretty words of great motivation,

So I guess I know what if I never picked up a pen,

I myself could have been much different..

 – Ujjwal Syal, BTech 1st Year

An appointment with yourself

On his visit to NU recently, our founder, Mr Rajendra Pawar asked us all a question which pushed us into the ocean of deep thinking-“When was the last time you had an appointment with yourself?” Although startling at first, his question made a point.

The educational system today is very systematic and follows a set curriculum. The mark scored is generally the only evaluation of the knowledge the child possesses. This system not only kills the curiosity in the child but also the confidence to ask questions. A child going to kinder garden would ask so many questions that we would get tired of answering them. But a post graduate student may have very few questions to ask in his MBA classes. Our founder calls this destruction of curiosity as the biggest problem of the educational system today. Research and seamlessness, two of the four core principles of NU have also been developed keeping in mind that curiosity and willingness to ask questions is the best way to gain knowledge. The basis of research is seeking answers to the questions that come up. And so he encourages his students to put forward even the most bizarre of questions that they come up with because seeking answers is not as important as the power to think and question. Talking of seamlessness, our founder hopes that soon there would be a day when students of one discipline would be attending lectures of one entirely different than theirs. What better example of seamlessness and letting the curiosity of student’s surface than this?

Now a days, we haven’t been taught to deal with our own feelings and emotions. Having a close friend to confide in has become so important these days because we are able to deal better with our own emotions. Feelings and ethics are difficult subjects to teach. A rational mind without an ethical framework is dangerous. We learn to feel only when we spend time all by ourselves. The “Astachal” in our university is meant exactly for that purpose. It’s a place where we could think about the events that happened through the day while watching the sunset and allow our feelings to take over. Not only think but also agonize over issues. Only if we agonize and empathize with issues will we take a step forward and do something about them. Great leaders are empathetic people, extremely sensitive and let their feeling take control. So at some point, we should stop evaluating ourselves and just let our hearts take over because- “The heart never lies”. On asking him about the two qualities that he wants to see in his students, he would say that he wants not only thinking students but also feeling students. “Think the thinking and feel the feeling” as he would put it.

In our informal session with him after dinner, he brought with him a great deal of “vibrancy” in the campus with his impromptu debates, interaction with students and the concept of making traditions. More than the list of accomplishments that follow with his name, even more noticeable is the simplicity and humility that emanates from him. In spite of being such a renowned person with an extremely high intellect, at no point does he stop himself from asking questions. Indeed, this university and the students studying here are the vision of a great man we had the chance to meet and have an “appointment with ourselves.”

Ishita Jindal BTech 1st Yr.

Education system – Are we in the right direction?

Since my school days to now, I have always tried to find answers to questions like, how the Education System of a country should be – for developing country and developed country? Does the education system really matter in the growth of a country or in the growth of an individual? Are individuals same or they are somewhat different in one or the other way? How the means of the impartment of education plays a vital role in the growth of an individual? How he pays back to the society and to the country?

Last week I saw a video on you tube regarding a street smart boy, of age around 9 years, selling handheld fans, knew 7-8 languages and could communicate in English in spite of the fact that he had never been to school. Where did this little boy get his motivation from, exams/four-walls/rules/books? Can we really learn creativity/innovation? Answer may be no. But can we encourage it, cultivate is? Where are we lagging in motivating the coming generation for not just education, but right education?

More attention should be paid towards the quality of education rather than quantity, which is making it a burden. Let it be a true learning experience by not discriminating on grounds of ranks/percentages. Let’s stop making knowledge a theoretical thing without even understanding what has been taught or where the practical implication of the knowledge is. The system should be more objective rather then subjective to make it education system rather then exam system.

Let’s move onto to part of your life of choosing your passion. Recently one of my friends has taken admission in an elite B-school to pursue his higher education in management. I asked him ‘Why you choose this course?’, his quick response was, ‘Don’t you see, how lucrative this career is’. I said, ‘Can you define lucrative for me.’ He replied, ‘Dude, everyone is doing this, this is the trend, don’t know what else I could be more useful for?’ my friend is directionless but there are a million others whose their life could have taken a different direction if right resources were provided at right time.

Education should not curb creativity and confine your thoughts and coerce you to join the rat race, let’s make it such a system where it becomes less of a burden and more of a place where you can fulfil your dreams and start living for yourself.

There is only one failure which is definable in life, “What one wishes to become and what one has become”.

As it is rightly said by Pablo Casals “Each Second we live is a new and unique moment of the universe, a moment that will never be again… and what do we teach our children? We teach them two and two make four and that Paris is the Capital of France. When we will also teach them what they are?”

We should not confine our Education System to just provide quantity education but the foremost aim should be to provide quality education. Education enables a person to take rational decisions, to be a responsible citizen. A literate person is aware of all his fundamental rights and duties. Literacy is the ultimate solution to fight problems like communalism, terrorism and under development.

Government should put more emphasis on imparting education, improving literacy rate side by side improving the quality of the education. Once literacy rate is improved the rest problems like poverty, food, clothing, shelter, work, health etc can be taken care of by the person himself and the efforts put-on by the educated individual would have more fruitful output which in turn will lead to a developed nation. World Bank studies have established the direct and functional relationship between literacy and productivity on the one hand and literacy and the overall quality of human life on the other.

By Mohit Sethi, MBA Finance & Banking 1st Yr

When I reached here…….

Nervous, scared, conscious, little excited, confused, ambitious …………..some feelings that could describe me as I came to NIIT University, my new home. This phase was meant to be an inflection point in my life where my life would have got a direction. I was hoping for the best, was carrying the raw material with me, again, hoping that this place would turn this raw material into something good, something usable.

My parents settled me down in my hostel room and bade me goodbye. That was the heaviest moment of my life. For the first time in my life, I was all by myself, didn’t know what I was going to get in the platter, had no idea what is in the store for me. All I had was faith in me and my decisions and later on, that proved enough!

New people, new faces, new place, new rules, new systems, new type of food, common washrooms’J, high responsibilities …… Life seemed adventurous during one moment and scary, another. Then I started meeting my batch mates and interestingly the first person I met is now my best friend. Now, I sometimes feel uncomfortable at home but not with him! Seniors were really friendly which made us extremely relaxed and more prone to adapting. We adapted! Unlike other institutions, my seniors are now my great buddies. Professors on the other hand made us feel big; we got the taste of being in a college. Suddenly, with in no time, I was the owner of my life, I was making decisions for myself, I made mistakes and I learned.

Whenever you come to a new place, the best thing you can learn is to adjust with people who you have never seen before and then make a nice PR for yourself. You learn about new temperaments, you become more receptive and before you know, these small things add up to a visible change in your personality. I remember the first thing taught to us by our dean, she said, “You people are not students but learners”. This is actually true! A BTech degree or any degree is not just about getting the technical knowhow of the courses but to observe, process and learn every little thing in your surroundings be it people, nature, actions and reactions or any exciting moment. It is all about experiencing and learning. And best part is, daily, you see yourself evolving…..this leaves a smile on your face every time!

Sid Sharma, BTech 2nd Year