Sometimes I’m a million colours,
Sometimes I’m just black and white,

Sometimes I’m a thousand suns,

Sometimes I’m just wasting light.

Sometimes I’m filled with self belief,

Sometimes I’m haunted with self doubt,

Sometimes I’ve got all answers,

Sometimes I’ve got nothing figured out.

Sometimes I’m lost in my own imagination,

Sometimes its reality that i fight,

Sometimes i figure it all out in my dreams,

Sometimes the answers arent right.

Sometimes things just dont make any sense,

Sometimes your only bliss is ignorance,

Sometimes its only money that matters,

Sometimes neither a dollar nor a pence.

Sometimes I think i know who you are,

The light given out from the brightest star,

Sometimes you just gotta be who you are,

Whether you’re perfect or someone wid a scar.

– Yash Sing, BTech 1st Year

We, our life!!

You laugh, cry, you live and you die….
One question which is unanswerable to many is why? Why???
We run after things which were never meant to be…
Had we known it before, we would have been wild and free…

At times we are in a mess and sometimes the picture is so clear…
At times we tend to love our enemies and hate our dearer…
This is life and it happens with all…
But there are only few who even stand up after the fall….

Giving advice and making other understand has always been so easy…
For oneself to help we are free but for others why are we always so busy??
Selfish, rage, hatred all has penetrated into our soul…
Emotions have lost somewhere; all left is just a hole….

Need to realize that we are born as humans and have only one chance…
So love, sing, be happy and also make other dance…
Seeing others happiness if there is a smile on your face….
Assume that you have lived your life with full grace…

By: Ravnit Bhattrai MBA 2nd Year

Follow your dreams!

Do you want to follow your passion? How is it going? If you are like many other people, it’s not going too well. If you have been interested in something forever, and you want to absorb every single piece of information about it; you love talking about it to your friends and family till you bore them, you do not care about making money because you enjoy your passion so much; that is what you are passionate about. To follow your heart it’s important to know what you’re best at. It takes hard work and perseverance for dreams to come true. Dreams are the most amazing things in life, we all love to dream and we all love to hope to see ourselves getting better and better each day. Every one of us dreams of being something and tries to achieve his goals, everyone has their own resolutions and has something to look up to and to reach. However, some people may say that dreams are hard to follow and it’s impossible to be able to achieve your dreams.

But, that’s actually not true, because our dreams are in our hands , we are the ones that can control them and make them real. For me, I look up to many things during my life such as learning English and being good at it, completing my studies and improving myself in any field during my life , I really can’t stop dreaming . I think it is really great to dream and to live your life trying to reach your hopes. There’s no doubt that there will be times when you feel like giving up, but don’t give up on yourself; just stand up and try even if you have to try for a thousand times. Every time you feel lost and confused, just dream again of the person you would be if you worked hard for your goals. After that, try step by step to improve yourself and to reach your ambitions.

And finally, don’t ever lose your passion to dream , and never stop trying because someday you’ll reach and you’ll find whatever you were looking for.

Furthermore, when you finally reach your goals you’ll feel happy from deep inside of your heart because then you’ll be doing exactly what you love to do and you’ll be testing your wildest dreams , and what in the whole world is greater than that ? I believe nothing can be compared to the moment when you feel a sense of achievement..SO GO OUT AND FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS BECAUSE IT’S DREAMS THAT TURN INTO REALITY!

Devika sharma,  BTech 1st Year

I’m A Teenager

Don’t! Don’t shout at me like that!

I’m not a child anymore, you old brat!

Yes, I’m talking to you, big brother,

‘Coz now I’m big, I’m a teenager!

            Don’t! Don’t treat me like dirt!

Why do you like to watch me get hurt?

Yeah, now I know what you really are, dear sister,

‘Coz now I’m big, I’m a teenager!

In school, my teachers,

At home, my parents,

My brothers, sisters and cousins,

All throw me into the dustbin!

Why do you all behave that way?

Why don’t you listen to what i want to say?

If you don’t want to hear my feelings,

I’ll just shout it out anyway:

“I’m a big boy now

And I know what to do

You keep away from me

Or I will hit back on you

You don’t understand what I’m feeling within

Though you keep telling me it’s a situation you’ve been in!

So, why do you make me feel like I don’t belong

And do things to hurt me for my whole life long?

If you get what I am saying or not, doesn’t matter,

All I care about is your love for me getting better

If I want, I can throw you in danger

Thirteen years old, now I’m a teenager!

Tanvi Rastogi B.Tech 2ndyr

Life at NU

My decision to join MBA at NU was a well thought out one. Nowhere else was I getting such good return on investment and my job was guaranteed, as it was sponsored by ICICI.I was also getting an opportunity to enter finance sector which would have been difficult from any other institute given my past experience in manufacturing sector.

However as I entered NU, the green university campus in the desert took me by surprise. Further I saw two clay Tennis courts with lights. There were other outdoor games like Basketball, Cricket and believe it or not Golf .Indoor games included Pool, Table Tennis. I had been in a para-military college for my graduation, where sports were an essential part of life. But there was only one Tennis Court there and overall facilities here seemed far better.

Its been six months since that day now and we head for our internships. Though throughout we waited for the studies to end, now that the day has come, all of a sudden, I wish I could have stayed more. Here are two lines to describe how each one of us feels today.

Itne din se jiska intzaar tha,
Vo aas paas hai,
Lekin yeh kadam kyon nahin,
Aaj mere sath hain. 
The past six months have been so challenging but now looking back, I think that they have changed me for the good. Apart from studies we are involved other activities like Community Connect, Debates , Business Update sessions which really helped us grow . We have also had the opportunity to interact with leaders who have done well in different spheres of life. This is a special feature of NU where achievers are invited for guest lectures. 

As we move ahead for our internship we hope to do justice to all the good work everyone at NU has put in. We hope to live up to the expectations from the industry and continue our learning, as we apply class room concepts in the real world. Another six months count down has started, this time though it’s for the day we would return to NU and strengthen the bond which we have already made.

Aman Juneja  MBA Fin & Banking

A tale of Founding Batch

Hey guys this poem is from my heart dedicated to my batch-mates 
(so called founding batch) without whom life here would been unimaginable. 
It is just for a light reading and nothing is to be taken in an offensive way….

Hope you all enjoy it..!!!!

Our Beginning- A tale of Founding Batch
On this NU Xpress cart
Now I talk out my heart,
Here is the story, going to kick- start
About my batchmates, sans i cant live apart.

Down the memory lane
As I see the moon wane
Though it might sound insane
We all deserve a swig of champagne.

Abhinav and Nishant the sons of Harpocrates(read harpocrate)
Prateek and Priyansh those of Alexander the Great,
Natures at poles, yet they dont hate,
Balancing the things, they act as conjugate.

Then we have Aseem Almighty,
Shagun and Chirag the children of Aphrodite,(read Aphrodity)
Though they sound all high and mighty,
They make the batch look pricey.

Akash and Dj love notes cryptic,
Arpita’s paintings are really mystique,
They are hard ones to critic,
Because so fine is their technique.

Rishav,Dhruv and Rahul are the computer geeks,
Yajur and Ankit make everyone look freaks,
Chances of overshadowing them are very bleak,
Offend them and you surely will shriek.

Ritesh is sordid, Aman very care-ish,
But are part of our show biz,
To cap it up Pong is the batch whiz,
Who score the best in any pop quiz.

This is the story of “Our Beginning”,
We Score a century in every inning,
People leave with their mind spinning,
And we surely have a nice time grinning.

We may fight but we do mend,
And cant take nonsense for our friend,
We do cherish the time we spend. 
Even though our story will surely never end.

-Anshul Agrawal
B.Tech 3rd Yr.