Imagination Figmented

I sit floating around amongst the cloud,
When a fleeting glimpse of you i see,
I shout out your name and towards me looked the crowd,
I guess i just made a fool out of me.

But i knew what i had seen,
So i give it a last try, my soul it cries,
It cries for you to show them your face,
And that you arent my imagination, my lies.

The word was around,
They screamed and they shout of what is wrong with me,
Psycho, Retard, Maniac and Dreamer…
Is what they could make out of me.

They hummed like a swarm of bees,
So there went my calls for you fading in the noise,
But then i heard something faint yet clear,
It was you singing, i could hear your voice.

Then everyone turned around at me,
Shocked they seemed, they trembled under foot,
When arose your shadow above the sea,
They looked on to face the harsh truth.

You werent just a figment of my imagination,
You were the imagination that figmented me,
And on they looked as they disappeared to mist,
As you engulfed the big bird that carried me.

Yash Singh BTech 1st Year 


After 12 years of being under shade of those beloved teachers, carrying those heavy bags on tiny shoulders, standing in punishments with hands raised up in the air for reasons like not wearing uniform properly or not wearing i-cards. Unwillingly getting up early every day from dreamland on mothers call or running madly back home once school got over. Doing homework or getting it done from others, standing quietly in front of teachers and parents in PTM or shouting your throat out at that last bell ring. School life was one roller coaster ride. Soon after that you end up in completely different world ….way too different!.. Yeah, it is the college life…the story of which you heard for so long…

You get to choose what you want to do…no no that doesn’t mean you are completely free, you have assignments ,exams and sometimes special meet between teachers and parents too!..

Dreams are often considered to be wonderlands which arise out of the many aspirations, motivations and that love for beauty. NIIT UNIVERSITY is one such living dream of a person whose smile really makes the world go round…well, at least mine!

With small batches and full on teacher attention it’s difficult to get a proxy for attendance or sleep in class so you either attend the class or you don’t at all, but on the plus side the effort to convince people for mass bunk is reduced! Had my first right here..:). While the ’amazing’ teaching methods of some teachers allows you to use the Wi-Fi facility to fullest. Some classes are absolutely great and lure you to learn even more. Opening mind to many possibilities in the field it makes you wonder..kaunsi chakki ka atta khate the yeh!..Hehe.. It’s a place where the hostel life is ever lively whether it’s the constant banging of doors to wake up for early lectures, the smell of noodles that fill the place or constant chatter of many ideas that pop up under the pressure on time submission of assignments. It’s a place where you get to hear from some of the greatest minds in guest lectures, about the many possibilities that exist, about how clashes of ideas, that search for perfection and desire for goodwill gave birth to amazing inventions…and yet if sometimes you don’t understand a word they say you could still appreciate the effort and hard work that goes in it.

College time is one when you make friends, you make career, you get complete freedom from almost all bondage. What can be better than having it here, so that afterwards you can smile and think of the time you spend lying down with your friends under sun in winters, sharing bonfires, singing in moonlight, dancing with all weird moves just for sake of enjoyment, camping in valley right within the university, having those long pleasant morning and night walks with them to learn lessons and play around. Memories of not only the teachers you didn’t like because of some ‘unusual reasons’ but the ones who motivated you by setting examples, nutured your mind with many off class talks, invited you to home for dinner, looked at you with amazement, affection and excitement! How you conquered the infamous Kali pahari to get to see the most amazing sunrise and almost had your heart out running in marathon, provided you have stamina like me..Hehe. Who knows, if you are ready to learn such memories can fill several gigabytes or maybe terabytes!

Till then keep pressing Ctrl+s …:)

Kamakshi Abbi BTech IInd Yr

Oasis’11 – The Roadtrip

The inter college fest at BITS Pilani was a much awaited event by students at NU. The six of us: Anshul, Saharsh, Vaibhav, Mandeep, Pratishtha and me, Ishita left our college for the road-trip on a road we had never seen before.

From getting to know each other to reaching our destination, the four-hour long journey to BITS was absolute fun. Reaching the grounds of BITS, I saw that the life inside of this campus was surely that of a city and not a college. There was so much to look around and very little time in hand. We were all in a high and ready to make the most of those four days, not letting the not-so-good accommodations take away any of the excitement.

The Kailash Kher and Good Shoes live concert, the treasure hunt and the late night band performances set the mood for total madness. The various street plays and the messages they gave were gripping, if not anything. There were various creative events like “Blab” where we had to be extremely good at blabbering and “Snoofdog”, were they put our investigatory skills to test. From fashion shows to debates, street dancing to the very famous milk shakes, there was nothing more you could’ve asked for.

Four of us took part in an event called “The Big Fight” as a team. We were all given 40 minutes to make a collage and then defend it while criticising the collage of one other team. Clearing the first round, we got into the second round and had “The Big Fight” with our opponents debating and defending our side of the topic. And yes, we won it.

But it’s not about winning and losing. It’s about participating.

I could’ve said that but well, winning makes all the difference in the world cause you know you have something to get back to the university. It sure was a proud moment and an unforgettable experience I would kill to have again.

Ishita Jindal BTech 1st year