Oasis’11 – The Roadtrip

Oasis’11 – The Roadtrip

The inter college fest at BITS Pilani was a much awaited event by students at NU. The six of us: Anshul, Saharsh, Vaibhav, Mandeep, Pratishtha and me, Ishita left our college for the road-trip on a road we had never seen before.

From getting to know each other to reaching our destination, the four-hour long journey to BITS was absolute fun. Reaching the grounds of BITS, I saw that the life inside of this campus was surely that of a city and not a college. There was so much to look around and very little time in hand. We were all in a high and ready to make the most of those four days, not letting the not-so-good accommodations take away any of the excitement.

The Kailash Kher and Good Shoes live concert, the treasure hunt and the late night band performances set the mood for total madness. The various street plays and the messages they gave were gripping, if not anything. There were various creative events like “Blab” where we had to be extremely good at blabbering and “Snoofdog”, were they put our investigatory skills to test. From fashion shows to debates, street dancing to the very famous milk shakes, there was nothing more you could’ve asked for.

Four of us took part in an event called “The Big Fight” as a team. We were all given 40 minutes to make a collage and then defend it while criticising the collage of one other team. Clearing the first round, we got into the second round and had “The Big Fight” with our opponents debating and defending our side of the topic. And yes, we won it.

But it’s not about winning and losing. It’s about participating.

I could’ve said that but well, winning makes all the difference in the world cause you know you have something to get back to the university. It sure was a proud moment and an unforgettable experience I would kill to have again.

Ishita Jindal BTech 1st year


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