Looking up at the sky ,
I wonder how it feels to be up there ..that high,

Sky is limit ,that’s what they say,
How ironically in same statement these two words lay,
How ever giving and loving..the vastness open to you ,
How it makes problems look small, letting them all subdued.
It’s a beautiful canvas..a masterpiece of plentifullness,
Million shades dancing along to celebrate the moment with all joyfulness,
A single event changes the whole story ,
Its amazing how every colour formation has a history,
Whether its day or its night,
It still is open ,its still wide..

So paint your canvas..
with all colours let the moment be with you let it caress
For clouds may come they may go.
Its how much you stop how much you let go.

So when in problem
Close your eyes and open them to sky ,
You may see a bird flying or giving it try,
How wide and beautiful he lies ready to give you all love and strength to sail on.
Its matter of choice ,
Whether you choose to stay sad or rejoice
Then sky is not the ‘limit’…it’s where the story starts
Opportunities shall find you.. not one but in overflowing carts.

Kamakshi Abbi, B.Tech IInd Yr 

The Descendants–Movie Review

Feeling short of thumbs but atleast Two thumbs up for the latest outing of Payne’s dramedy!!

A story of a land baron (George Clooney) who amidst a problematic personal life finds his wife in coma due to a boat accident. He is left with a challenge to make amends and sort the differences between his daughters.

Given the wafer-thin storyline, “The Descendants” is moviemaking at its best, where Payne should be given full marks. George Clooney portrays his character so seamlessly that he is taken for granted, hope he grabs the Oscar this time.

The movie was a short journey with a poetic essence that captures various human emotions and the landscapes of Hawaii beautifully. Of course it has its share of silly but funny moments. Off script moments in the movie are captured by the auteur with a bizarre freeness.

This one is highly recommended if you have any sense of what moviemaking is all about. It’s a rare movie which, at times, defies the importance of a script.

Quoting from one of the most poignant moments in the movie, “Goodbye, Elizabeth. Goodbye, my love, my friend, my pain, my joy. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.”  A tear flowing down Clooney’s face, who loves her unfaithful wife, sums up the climax, doesn’t it?   

Rahul Ganesh, MBA (F&B)

the ‘I’ in ME

We move through life, going through different phases, passing through different doors, accompanied by a constantly varying group of people. Each and every person, irrespective of the space between us, influences us and our lives in at least one way, sometimes inducing new habits within us, sometimes arousing different emotions. A lot many times, and this happens with most people, we have a tendency to try to change ourselves to get in terms with the changes surrounding us. We try to ‘keep up’, to not to feel left-out, to try and be like others.

Why are we so scared of being ourselves..being different.. We all are different individuals, and we need to give the world a flavor of our own individuality. We all have positive and not-so-positive attributes to our personalities and if people can’t take you for what you are and say they don’t get you, you don’t have to make such a big deal out of it and try transforming yourself or bring yourself down to their level to fit-in; let them raise themselves and come-up to your level to understand you. It’s all about accepting yourself first. If you start taking yourself more seriously than you take what other people have to say about you, you’ll suddenly find a new dimension in life. You don’t have to cut-down on doing the things you actually enjoy doing or things that make you happy just to be with people you think you want to be with. Just do your own thing; it’s about your happiness, your satisfaction, so drop down everything else. Be happy, that’s all that counts in the end. You don’t have to fake yourself coz it’s not your job to impress others, it’s about how you feel about yourself.

Tarang Sharma, B.Tech 1st Yr.

Revolution 2020

 “You know Revolution 2020 is out, can’t wait to read it”, she exclaimed. “Really Wow. Here let me order it online.” Soon I heard the sound of fast typing. “Hey don’t forget to lend it to me when you get it”, she pleaded. “Sorry girl! It’s Chetan Bhagat. I don’t lend it to anyone. Get your own copy.” The other girl finished.

I rolled my eyes and turned around to see who these die hard Chetan Bhagat fans were. To my disappointment I could only see a maroon sweatshirt and a turquoise top. “Whatever!” I thought. But her words had somewhat aroused my curiosity. Though Bhagat’s books are often overhyped, they are worth a read owing to the awesomely simple, clear and succinct writing that reaches the audience. More so, his books mirror the Indian society that makes his writings a sensation amongst the Indian masses. I couldn’t help but ‘borrow’ the book from a friend and plunge into the ocean named Revolution 2020.

Set amidst the holy city of Varanasi, the story revolves around the lives of the protagonists Aarti, Gopal and Raghav. The life of these three childhood friends- Gopal, the poor guy who loves Aarti, the daughter of DM of Varanasi who falls for Raghav, Gopal’s rich and intelligent friend is no less than a 1980’s Bollywood movie. Gopal, taking advantage of Raghav’s negligence towards Aarti, leaves no stone unturned to woo her back. Whereas Aarti fights her emotions trying to figure out whom she truly loves: Raghav with whom she is committed or Gopal who is always by her side. The story hits the climax with Gopal realizing his mistake and sending Aarti back to Raghav by demeaning himself in her eyes. Thus “Love, Corruption and Ambition” finally combine together to bring out the subtle yet loud differences between the characters. But wait! Why would Chetan Bhagat sell a 1980 script? There’s more to the love triangle that makes it an immediate success! Yes, you guessed it right, the smart timing of the book. The book has hit the market amidst the recent anticorruption protests led by Anna Hazare.

Bhagat unmasks the business of entrance-coaching classes which rob the gullible aspirants of their money, their emotions and their life. He fearlessly reveals the secret of sudden mushrooming of private colleges across India with the exchange of green leaves bearing ‘Gandhi’, under the table. Where Gopal bends his knees and mutilates his values, giving in to the system by following ‘proper’ procedures, Raghav tries his best to fight against the system, digging deep enough to pull the truth. Aarti is successful in enveloping the readers with her powerful emotions of love, hate, jealousy and betrayal, which binds them to the book. After facing cruelty at the hands of life, Gopal is lured into opening his own college. Thus, in the process of just touching the dirt of politics he corrupted his mind, his vision, his feelings, his esteem, his values, his innocence, his life and at last loses Aarti forever. Having given up on his Engineering degree for journalism, Raghav, on the other hand vows to bring about change in his city for which ‘Death’ had become a tourist attraction. His determined ways to expose the corrupt in the most rampant manner possible shakes the political world. But by doing so, he loses his job. Thus, another ugly face of politics where the righteous is always suppressed comes to the fore. Unfazed by all this he launches ‘Revolution 2020’, a newsletter which stabs the ‘honorable’ politicians in the most gruesome way by exposing the wastage of the public money for personal comforts which have been the most alleged cause of poverty, sickness and backwardness of the country. He believes that this ‘newspaper in making’ will trigger a revolution, fueling the dying fire in the youth to stand and speak against the filth.

So, it is a must read, especially for those who believe that, ‘The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.’ Moreover, powerful expressions like Making lots of money is not passion, is an ambition instead’, pregnant with deep and subtle intricacies of life, are a blow to the critics who always take a dig at the language used by the new breed of authors including Chetan Bhagat. What are you waiting for? As soon as you get time, grab a copy and feel the pulse of aam aadmi who exists in real India. 

Anshul Agarwal
B Tech 3rd Year