Looking up at the sky ,
I wonder how it feels to be up there ..that high,

Sky is limit ,that’s what they say,
How ironically in same statement these two words lay,
How ever giving and loving..the vastness open to you ,
How it makes problems look small, letting them all subdued.
It’s a beautiful canvas..a masterpiece of plentifullness,
Million shades dancing along to celebrate the moment with all joyfulness,
A single event changes the whole story ,
Its amazing how every colour formation has a history,
Whether its day or its night,
It still is open ,its still wide..

So paint your canvas..
with all colours let the moment be with you let it caress
For clouds may come they may go.
Its how much you stop how much you let go.

So when in problem
Close your eyes and open them to sky ,
You may see a bird flying or giving it try,
How wide and beautiful he lies ready to give you all love and strength to sail on.
Its matter of choice ,
Whether you choose to stay sad or rejoice
Then sky is not the ‘limit’…it’s where the story starts
Opportunities shall find you.. not one but in overflowing carts.

Kamakshi Abbi, B.Tech IInd Yr 

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