“Doing good is part of our code”

“Doing good is part of our code”

APOGEE-16 one of the biggest and most reputed Technical Fest of BITS PIlani.

This year, the BITS Firefox Community invited the Mozilla Community of NIIT University  to be a part of their tech fest. A team comprising of the leaders and the members of the Mozilla community participated in the fest.

On the first day, we were greeted warmly by BITS Firefox Community (BFC), it was an informal meeting where both the clubs were introduced. The day ended with a community dinner.

Next day we were invited to participate in a series of events planned under the hood of BFC like performing your bets in events like Wiki Run and Appathon.

We had rounds of technical discussions with the BITS community which helped us to understand the the essence of open web and web literacy, followed by our participation in brainstorming sessions for the better design and usage of the web.

We also had fruitful discussions on Internet Of Things , Community Development  and Data management .

The work done by the BITS Firefox Community which includes coding for Mozilla mission inspired us and helped us in framing our upcoming events. Both the Community leads Harmeet Lamba from BFC and Shivang Shekhar from Mozilla Club-NU resolved for the development of inter community programs, like the Path Finder.

The Path Finder program encompasses –

1. Technology Sharing between both communities from now on.

2. Organizing Online Interaction sessions every month.

3.Organizing Inter Community online challenges every 3 months.

4. Project development.

Project development will take place on inter community basis and both the communities will be involved in upcoming projects.

Also an upcoming technical event is thought of, for understanding cutting edge technologies like(IOT and VR) to be hosted by us.


We also attended a talk by Richard Stallman,  a software freedom activist, and it was truly inspiring.

A round table discussion on Free Software vs Open Source ideology was also conducted.

The second day was also filled with events in which community members took part and performed well.All in all, it was a great learning experience and we are truly thankful to our university, NIIT, for extending their support to us and encouraging us for such amazing learning experiences, both in and outside the campus.


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