The Project Unplugged

The Project Unplugged

Music is an unending journey. It needs a little spark to ignite, but then spreads like wildfire, bringing happiness to people and helping communicate in a language that is not just defined by a set of grammar.

Pradumn Kumar, a student of the then 1st year used to write poetry and post them on social media websites. Venugopal (violinist, composer) and Pravit (guitarist) were musicians who would perform in odd functions and would look for opportunities to spread the love of music.

It was just another day when Venugopal looked at some of Pradumn’s poetry, and gave music to a poem with the help of Pravit. This resulted in a song called ‘Rehta Mai’, written by Pradumn and composed and sung by Venugopal. They made some of their peers listen to it, and it instantly gained popularity because of the honesty of the lyrics and the innocence of the music. To promote it through a proper channel, a Facebook page was proposed. But all three of them knew that creating a band would not work with just two musicians and a lyricist. Therefore the trio came up with the idea of The Project Unplugged, a group which anyone could be a part of. Any lyricist, instrumentalist or singer could collaborate and create music.

The page slowly gained popularity and more musicians from the university came up wanting to contribute in some way. Soon after Rehta Mai, the sequel to the song, Rehti Mai was composed and became a hit on the page. The trio had roped in another batch-mate Virajita Sharma for the vocals. People started loving this kind of music because it was pure poetry converted into fresh, raw wordpress music. The group did not have any recording gear, and used normal mobile microphones. The quality of the song did not lie in the gear, but in the music itself.

Soon, more music started appearing on the page with The Project Unplugged becoming a common platform for the creation of music in the college. After the success of the original two songs, the trio featured Ronak Jain to lend his voice for the song Unkahi Baatein. The latest song the group has worked on is Gunjte Alfaaz, composed and written by Venugopal with Madhawam Agrawal helping with the lyrics too.

The group traveled as an acoustic band to BITS Pilani, where they participated in the Indian music event. The crowd loved the melodies and harmonies created. The group consisted of Venugopal on the violin, Pravit Tuteja, Yash Saxena and Rishabh Chakrabarti on the guitar.

The group has also successfully conducted Bandishe, a live music event which was the first of its kind in the college, since all the music performed are original creations. It had the BITS Pilani team performing with Raghav Mittal also as a vocalist.

These days, Venugopal and Pravit have launched a side series called ‘What We Do For Timepass’, where they cover popular songs using just the violin and guitar. It’s a huge hit on Facebook and was recently launched on YouTube on the group’s official channel.

For the trio, making music is not just another hobby. It’s a way of expressing themselves. This trio will graduate from the college, but the music they have created will always be cherished and will always continue to grow.

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