Eviction Notice

Dear Block,

You are a bad roommate. And the cruel responsibility of telling you to move out has fallen on me since Hope Forever and the twins, Happy and Positive Thoughts still think that you can be given a chance to change. But enough is enough. The Landlady has been kind enough to let you stay rent free all these months while we have to keep working to exist and stay in this beautiful home Mind.

There are plenty of reasons why you are a bad roommate and cannot be given a chance to live here forever. Some of them are:

  1. You just sit around and procrastinate. You nearly killed my dear friend Productivity, by showing her endless and not very useful videos, annoying trolls and what not.
  2. You never pay rent. All of us earn the right to stay here by doing something. Happy and Positive keep the Landlady moving ahead, Sadness brings her in touch with herself and Hope pushes her to keep working. And what do you do? You do not let anyone carry out their jobs.
  3. You are slowly driving everyone out of the home so that you can stay here forever. And that will do nothing but drive The Landlady to poverty, her Mind losing out all the richness that is us.
  4. With your constant diet of useless junk, you sickened Imagination and she is refusing to come back.
  5. Motivation tried to change you. He did. But instead of changing you just drove him away. Nowadays all he does is sit around morosely with that shady Depression and wastes away.
  6. Your best friend Negativity, she stays here and creates a mess. She punched Positive and slapped Hope. That is simply not done.
  7. And I saved your most heinous crime for the last, you tortured and caged the pet, Dreams. You tried to kill it. And that is the last line. You crossed it.

Sorry, but it is time you move away. You are no longer welcome here.

Your ex- Roommate,


Post by-

Nirali Sampat

B.Tech II Year

Google Summer Of Code

Hi there! I am Vignesh, currently in the 3rd year.I wanted to share with you all, a little on my GSoC experience.

So here it is.


Last summer, I was a student developer at Google Summer of Code program. It was perhaps the best interning experience a second year engineering student can have and I hope you know the reasons.

No boss to chase you. No little working cabins.You can work in your preferred time and place, but it is required that you produce the necessary code in the specified time. And, with all these comforts, you get paid, a lot.


I was initially intimidated and even afraid to participate in the program. But thanks to Deepankar bhaiya for pushing me enough. (Though,I couldn’t understand and follow all the “geeky” stuff he told me about. But, you’ll always learn something new while he’s speaking(1001010010010010…) :p)


My project was under Tux4Kids organization. I completed the program successfully and passed the final evaluation. And it’s all about that.


So, this is the process we follow to apply. (That I followed)


  1. Take your time to go through the list of accepted organizations and filter them according to your skill set and interests. You should have done that by now. If not, you still have some time. So, STOP reading this further and go to g.co/gsoc
  2. Look at their ideas list.
  3. Choose an idea which may interest you.
  4. Work a little on that idea. Do some research. See the posts by other aspirants in the mailing lists or the irc channels.
  5. Showcase your findings to the mentor by whatever medium provided.
  6. Ask constructive questions to the mentors. Ask them to assign you some tasks to prove your skills. Try to solve some bugs in the project with the help of that community.
  7. Take their help to draft your project proposal.
  8. In any case, don’t irritate them.
  9. You can submit a maximum of 5 proposals. But it is recommended to work on few good proposals.
  10. Submit your project proposal a little earlier. You can also send them to your mentors or in the mailing list to get some reviews.


Do your best and don’t care about the results. All the best for your projects!



A post by Vignesh S.

III Year



Bhor Se Saanjh


I personally believe “Dard me kahi har baat kavita ban jaati hai”.

“कुछ दास्तां ज़िन्दगी की यूँ बयां हो गई,

अब लगता है “भोर से साँझ” हो गई”

Bearing this thought in my mind, I began penning down my heartfelt emotions.

So little did I know then that these emotions would one day turn into a book.

“जब कोई न लगा पाया,

मेरे ज़ख्मों पर मरहम,

मेरे मन में एक ख्याल आया,

और मैंने उठाई अपनी कलम..

लिखते समय चिल्ला भी पाई,

और आवाज़ भी न आई…”

The title of the book, “Bhor se Saanjh” is a saga of love and parting,

and understands the boundaries of pain and longing.

I feel that everything with a beginning, always needs an end.

Be it love, or longing.

And as the time from dawn to dusk encompasses a circle of life,

“Bhor se Saanjh” reveals the tiny intricacies that complete the circle.

“ज़िन्दगी में इंसान हर कदम पर ठोकरे जरूर खाता हैं,

साँझ होने के बाद भोर जरूर आता हैं.”.

I would like to dedicate this book to a very important person with whom I share a beautiful bond that can not be described in mere words. She is the one who defines the term “inspiration” to me, and has been and will always be my friend, philosopher and guide.

My sincere thanks to Mrs. Anjali Sharma, the role model of my life and  of “Bhor se Saanjh”.

This book launched on the 5th of March 2016, by Dr. Rajendra Singh Pawar, along with Mr. Vijay Thadani,

Dr. Rajendra Pandey and Mrs. Anjali Sharma, in NIIT University.

भोर से साँझ…

है सबके लिए कागज़ की पुड़ियां,

मेरे लिए है ये मेरे सपनों की दुनिया..

अभी रह गयी कुछ अनकही अनगिनत बातें..

लिखुँगी कभी उनको भी,जब महसूस होंगी मुझे वो आहटें..

संजोकर रखी हैं मैंने इसमें अपनी सारी यादें..

महसूस करते रहना मेरी कही वो सारी बातें..

इसमें लिखी हर बात प्यार की कहानी है,

वो सब मेरी जुबानी है,

जो आप सब को अपनानी है,

सबके दिलों तक पहुँचानी है..


Post by-

Apoorva Garg

B.Tech II Year








The book is available on all online portals (Amazon.com,Amazon.in,

Flipkart com, Cyberwit.net, etc)