Eviction Notice

Dear Block,

You are a bad roommate. And the cruel responsibility of telling you to move out has fallen on me since Hope Forever and the twins, Happy and Positive Thoughts still think that you can be given a chance to change. But enough is enough. The Landlady has been kind enough to let you stay rent free all these months while we have to keep working to exist and stay in this beautiful home Mind.

There are plenty of reasons why you are a bad roommate and cannot be given a chance to live here forever. Some of them are:

  1. You just sit around and procrastinate. You nearly killed my dear friend Productivity, by showing her endless and not very useful videos, annoying trolls and what not.
  2. You never pay rent. All of us earn the right to stay here by doing something. Happy and Positive keep the Landlady moving ahead, Sadness brings her in touch with herself and Hope pushes her to keep working. And what do you do? You do not let anyone carry out their jobs.
  3. You are slowly driving everyone out of the home so that you can stay here forever. And that will do nothing but drive The Landlady to poverty, her Mind losing out all the richness that is us.
  4. With your constant diet of useless junk, you sickened Imagination and she is refusing to come back.
  5. Motivation tried to change you. He did. But instead of changing you just drove him away. Nowadays all he does is sit around morosely with that shady Depression and wastes away.
  6. Your best friend Negativity, she stays here and creates a mess. She punched Positive and slapped Hope. That is simply not done.
  7. And I saved your most heinous crime for the last, you tortured and caged the pet, Dreams. You tried to kill it. And that is the last line. You crossed it.

Sorry, but it is time you move away. You are no longer welcome here.

Your ex- Roommate,


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