Google Summer Of Code

Google Summer Of Code

Hi there! I am Vignesh, currently in the 3rd year.I wanted to share with you all, a little on my GSoC experience.

So here it is.


Last summer, I was a student developer at Google Summer of Code program. It was perhaps the best interning experience a second year engineering student can have and I hope you know the reasons.

No boss to chase you. No little working cabins.You can work in your preferred time and place, but it is required that you produce the necessary code in the specified time. And, with all these comforts, you get paid, a lot.


I was initially intimidated and even afraid to participate in the program. But thanks to Deepankar bhaiya for pushing me enough. (Though,I couldn’t understand and follow all the “geeky” stuff he told me about. But, you’ll always learn something new while he’s speaking(1001010010010010…) :p)


My project was under Tux4Kids organization. I completed the program successfully and passed the final evaluation. And it’s all about that.


So, this is the process we follow to apply. (That I followed)


  1. Take your time to go through the list of accepted organizations and filter them according to your skill set and interests. You should have done that by now. If not, you still have some time. So, STOP reading this further and go to
  2. Look at their ideas list.
  3. Choose an idea which may interest you.
  4. Work a little on that idea. Do some research. See the posts by other aspirants in the mailing lists or the irc channels.
  5. Showcase your findings to the mentor by whatever medium provided.
  6. Ask constructive questions to the mentors. Ask them to assign you some tasks to prove your skills. Try to solve some bugs in the project with the help of that community.
  7. Take their help to draft your project proposal.
  8. In any case, don’t irritate them.
  9. You can submit a maximum of 5 proposals. But it is recommended to work on few good proposals.
  10. Submit your project proposal a little earlier. You can also send them to your mentors or in the mailing list to get some reviews.


Do your best and don’t care about the results. All the best for your projects!



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