First runner up in Microsoft Imagine Cup 2016

First runner up in Microsoft Imagine Cup 2016


62 million tones of garbage is generated everyday by the 377 million people living in urban India, now the world’s third-largest garbage generator. India’s 4378 municipalities spend a lot of money handling waste. Between 10 to 50% of the municipal budget is allocated for solid waste management (SWM). An average class I city spends 330 Cr annually on SWM. Of this, up to 70% of the funds are spent on collection, 20% on transportation and only 5% on disposal. Not only this, but between 30-50% of the total staff are typically engaged in SWM.Despite investing all these resources, Garbage Pollution is still a problem fast becoming a threat.

With urbanization and increasing population it is predicted to double within the next 10 years. At this rate, if not managed well, it will not be nuclear war or global warming, but the garbage we generate everyday that will threaten our sustenance.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

We can change it.

We are entering an era of IoT. 4 years from now about 20 billion objects will be connected to the internet ranging from the shoes we wear to the appliances we use. This will unleash a level of connectivity which will enhance our decision making abilities and make our lives easier and more efficient. This powerful technology has opened up a way to solutions that were not possible before. Smartbin is one solution.

The current practice of garbage collection is for the garbage van to visit all bins in an area periodically once in 2-3 days, for collecting. But since bins fill up at different rates, bins that fill before period overflow and those that take longer don’t need to be emptied yet. Evidently this method of collection based on time crevices is an ineffective and a very wasteful one. We need smarter criteria, based on definite information, not just wild guesses.

Smartbins are a network of dustbins equipped with sensors that analyze the fill-level data of bins in real-time so that pick-up schedules can be generated based on location, filled levels, or time remaining till overflow. It shows optimum routes to only filled bins. It allows the admin to monitor collection process and provides users the shortest path to the nearest empty bin for use. It also provides a mechanism for prompt feedback and redressal complaints are received by admin in an order of priority.

Lets talk about what makes smarbins awesome.

Smartbins will increase the efficiency of garbage collection and eventually lead to cleaner communities. Collecting the most amount of materials in the least amount of time to reduce costs and emissions along the way. It can save up to 50% in collection costs for its municipal, commercial and industrial customers. It will also lead to reduction in air pollutants from fuel emissions and fumes from overflowing garbage that sometimes locals burn, to get rid of it.

The network technology we used is LoRa WAN. It is a wireless technology developed for the low-power wide-area networks (LPWANs) used in machine-to-machine (M2M) and LoRa is a wireless technology popular with Internet of Things (IoT) applications.It offers a very compelling mix of long-range, low-power consumption, and secure data transmission. A network based on LoRa wireless technology . Many mobile network operators have chosen to complement their existing cellular/wireless networks with a LPWAN based on LoRa technology because it is easy to plug into their existing infrastructure and allows them to offer their customers a solution to serve more IoT battery-operated applications. It is key to smart cities because this network is capable of running several other IoT applications on it simultaneously, on top of SmartBins.

To conclude, I’d say SmartBins can prove to be pivotal in the realization of a Swchh Bharat and the Smart City Vision.

A post by the team members-

Akshay Agarwal, B.Tech(CSE) III Year

Kanika Agarwal, B.Tech(CSE) III Year

Manash Deka, B.Tech(ECE) III Year

Rahul Agarwal, B.Tech(CSE) III Year

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