Inter caste Marriages

Inter caste Marriages

A country of diversity, a country which is the largest democracy, with second largest population and one of the fastest growing economies, a country which leads a group of countries where I believe, the highest number of marriages take place every year.

Yeah, I am talking about India.

Human being is a social animal. We live together. Sorry, I mean, we used to…

We used to care genuinely, love and respect. But, today we have worn masks, fake ones; we PRETEND to be what we are not. Our values (so called) which were made for our convenience are in the way of our development and money is becoming more important than our happiness.

Inter caste Marriages, what’s that?

A marriage between people of different castes. Let me be clear, castes were created for our interest by our ancestors and marriage is the union of two people who want to grow, prosper, love and move progressively together in same direction.

Now what has ‘love and growing old together happily’ has to do with CASTE, I  just can’t help but wonder. To add to it further, do we have  the time to think about all this and fight in the name of caste and religion?

Life is a gift, and everyone has the right to live happily in each and every moment one has.

In this civilized and educated era, I cringe when I hear  “What will people say, if our son marries a girl of some other caste?”

In today’s world, people forget a thousand crore rupees scam when its memory in their heads gets overlapped by new layers each passing day. Do you think they really bother?

While these love marriages, mostly inter caste, not only unite two people, it also waves off the customs of dowry and violence as these marriages are based on mutual love and respect and often face a high opposition by the so-called society or the stigma of  the society created by us.

Let’s face the harsh reality, we have turned our back on the real problems, one being the deterioration of our MORAL VALUES resulting in rapes, thefts, murder and what not. Have we done anything on that front or are we just focusing our attention on issues like inter caste marriages?

We are taking a step further, everyday, to cross from the civilized lane to  the uncivilized one. The time has come, to recall that it is an individual who is more important and not the so called customs. With time, we have to evolve for development and prosperity.

Everyone should think about it so as to avoid the unrest in the young world raised by the same.

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Anoop Kumar Sharma

MBA(F&B), Batch VIII


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