Life Queen Size!

Life Queen Size!

A reason to travel India…

In a country where culture meets heritage with an integrity that itself defines the soul, Indian peninsula stands alone as the most colorful and vivid land within all the continents and oceans. From the depths of the Indian Ocean to the zenith of the Himalayas, the stretch of three thousand and two hundred kilometers amounts for life in all hues and styles.







The country is not only engraved with some of the oldest populations and architecture, its temples and forts date back to the earliest of centuries.

Indian heritage has always attracted intelligentsia and tourists from all over the world. One of the most important reasons behind this pertains to the sanctity with which Indians treat their guests. Be it the spices of our curries or the odour of our sweets, the melting of butter on paranthas or the grandeur of our thalis, any guest is offered all of this with a purity comparable to prayers. That is where “Atithi Devo Bhavah” originates from. From the high-end resorts to the smallest street shops, one can achieve and realize the aesthetic beauty and magnificence, specific only to a land which is embellished with the values of humility to the core.







The rivers that flow through the land carry the tradition of a thousand of years old civilizations and that can be felt like a heartbeat with every tiny flower petal that floats along in them. The sparkling zeal of tiny diyas, the fragrance of our gulaals, the breeze that flows through our farms, and the brightness of our festivities, all are wholehearted messengers of goodwill to every single individual that experiences them. No other place in the world can constitute the innumerable languages and races that India suffices for and there still rings the voice of love and brotherhood above all.

Travelling from one place to another in our country is itself a saga of merriment. No matter how fully loaded the buses are, or how stuffed are the train compartments, there are always titsy-bitsy conversations about anything and everything and folklores to watch out for. Wherever you go, dangling of bangles and cacophony of infants will follow you around like a background score. Once you reach to the insides of our temples, the rituals and artifacts are nothing less than legends. You can get lost forever amidst the glory of the forts and palaces that are woven throughout the peninsula.







Then there’s the nightlife of our beaches and hill stations which is incomparable in its own accord. When the sun rises in the country, the mountain peaks and forestry embrace it with open arms till it vanishes into the calmness of our seas. Ask for anything ranging from western style glitterati to typical native customs, and India has just the perfect places for you all served on a velvet platter of its soils.

Now if it’s still a moot point as to why India is one of the most loved tourist attraction and why should it remain so, I guess one should tighten a knapsack and start on a voyage throughout the ancient land where nature and purity resonate together with a harmony of resplendence.   







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