Outstanding paper award at ‘International conference on Research in Business’ at India International Center(IIC), Delhi

The Inception
We have centre for Excellence in banking and finance at NU. We thought why can’t it be a “Think tank” that can comment on policies? or better still, that can suggest new policies and can give solutions for the economic issues in the field of banking and finance !
That was the vision we had when we started working on this project.
Secondly, today, the Banking sector in India is facing 2 prime issues :
1. The ever increasing NPA
2. Implementation of BASEL III norms
Especially, the state of the public sector banks (>51% govt. share) is alarming. We have more than 5 lakh crores of stressed assets (Restructured assets and NPA’s) and we have to infuse 2.5 lakh crores under BASEL III.
These were the two prime reasons we led to the vision and motivation for this work.
Prof. Arun Kumar is the brain child of this whole idea. He has motivated us and given us a direction. He is a seasoned banker with more than 30 years of experience and his role was instrumental.
Our Story and Experiences:
When I came up with this idea, I was looking for a partner. A co-author is important, because your partner and you, together, can act as a self help group and the engine keeps moving. So I contacted Ganesh.
We started gathering data. Our university has access to Capitaline that proved to be very useful for this task of ours. We also read a lot of papers that became the backbone of the basic framework and finally, we focussed on quantitative tools like regression on SPSS for analysis.
Initially it was difficult to pacify people, even in the faculty review because “Research in banking”  was a new concept for many. But when our paper got accepted in a few journals, it boosted our morale and we could instill the confidence and faith that we had in our project, in others too.
We submitted the article for consideration in 3 journals and luckily all of them accepted to publish it. We finally chose the ‘International conference for Research in Business’.
We prepared well for our presentation which was to be held on 17th April and were determined to get the  prize for the best paper. There were 14 teams from Delhi university (Delhi School of Economics), one from the Orissa University , there was one from New Zealand, and one more from IIM Ahmedabad. The topics ranged from surrogate advertisements, to BRICS and FDI/FII, among the many others.
We would like to thank NIIT University for its support. We would also like to give special mention to Dr. Sunil Khanna, Shivender Mathur sir and especially our mentor, Arun Kumar sir for all their guidance and support.
A post by-
Anoop Kumar Sharma and Ganesh Komma
MBA (F&B) Batch VIII

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