Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

I am your mother,

You are my child.

I am your quiet place,

You are my wild.

I am your calm face,

You are my giggle.

I am your wait,

You are my wiggle.

I am your dinner,

You are my chocolate cake.

I am your bed time,

You are my wide awake.

I am your lullaby,

You are my peek-a-boo.

I am your goodnight kiss,

You are my ‘I love you‘.

From the time we were born, until the age we are now, there has always been one person totally invested in our happiness: mother.

All she wants in life is to provide for us and protect us. A mom’s unconditional love is truly unmatched.

Here are the  ways in which our moms are our first best friend.

  1. She always comes to your defence.
  2. She genuinely cares about what you’re doing with your life.
  3. She endured Disney in all forms just to see you happy
  4. She’s the only one who cares if you wore a sweater. Or brought an umbrella, or needed a tissue, or had a bad dream, or ate enough for dinner. Mom thinks about all the little stuff that has a big impact on your well being.
  5. She’ll always give you the benefit of the doubt.
  6. She wants to see you succeed without any reward for herself.
  7. She makes you feel special. She’ll keep you on the phone for hours just to listen to the most trivial parts of your day. She’ll take the time to stock up on your favourite foods when you’re only coming home for a weekend.
  8. She cares about your appearance more than you do.
  9. She’ll celebrate your birthday more than her own.
  10. She’s the only person who knows how to shop for you.
  11. She’s always down to split her meal with you. And then eat less of it because she’s suddenly really full. She really always wants the best for you, even when it’s just lunch.
  12. She loves to listen to you brag. Besides your grandma, your mom is the only other person who genuinely likes to hear about your extensive accomplishments. Even if it’s something as small as, “I made my own lunch today!” Mom wants to know about it.

We love you mom.

Happy Mother’s Day

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