Internship Diaries

Internship Diaries

Chapter # 2

by Rishabh Sharma, B.Tech CSE-2016


I joined ZiffyHomes as a Web Development intern. Working in a startup is very exciting and challenging . In last few months, I have learnt a lot about planning, meeting deadlines and how to have fun while working.  In the first few weeks itself I was given the work of creating the website for the company. While doing so I learnt a lot about how to structure your codes. I worked on different frameworks and I didn’t even know about half of them before my internship started. Working on a live project or website on which the future of the company depends is a completely different experience. I am about to finish my IP here and I can see the changes it brought to my skills and personality.

I am currently working on the last module of the latest version of the site and in a few weeks, we will be launching it.

I am really glad with this experience.

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