Internship Diaries

Internship Diaries

Chapter # 1 

by Jhalak Sharma, B.Tech ECE-2016

Industrial Practice Organization: Space Application center (ISRO).


For my 6-month Industrial Practice, I had the opportunity to work at the Space Application Centre (ISRO), Ahmedabad. Without a second thought, I accepted, as ISRO is a prestigious institution and it also happens to be located in my hometown. What else I can ask for?

About SAC: Space Applications Centre (SAC) is one of the major centers of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). It is a unique center dealing with a wide variety of disciplines comprising design and development of payloads, societal applications, capacity building and space sciences, thereby creating a synergy of technology, science and applications. SAC operates and maintains Ahmedabad Earth Station and the Delhi Earth Stations.

My internship started in January and it will end in June.

First off, I met several scientists and engineers to discuss my options of a project then I decided to go for project, which involved FPGA and Signal Processing. I always wanted to work on FPGA’s so this was the opportunity I did not want to lose.

I met my mentor, Shri T. V. S. Ram. APD, Nav-Payload, SAC and he fully explained to me what I was to do in the project and asked me to give my 130% to complete this project (for him even 100% was not enough). The level of seriousness can be understood from the fact that you are not allowed to carry the following: cell phones, pen drives, laptop, earphones, CDs or any other electronic item.

The project, which I am working on, gives exposure in both the areas; software as well as hardware. This is the first time I am experiencing working in an organization and also the first time for me to realize that our work really matters as it affects millions of people indirectly which brings in me, a sense of responsibility.

One of the major parts of the project is testing, which I have not yet done for college projects. Here, a good amount of time is invested in testing modules, leaving no stone unturned, before pushing it into the production.

The benefits of working in ISRO are immense, you feel proud of working at one of the most reputed organizations around the globe. You get to see different labs; different technologies being used. I got the opportunity to see the satellite getting gruesome (Thermovac testing). Recently, on women’s day celebration, the chief guest invited was one of the survivors of the Pan Am flight hijack, the Neerja episode. It was a thought provoking experience.

SAC has a big theatre that shows live launching and I witnessed the launch of IRNSS-1F, 1G and RLV (Re-Launchable Vehicle) on that big screen, what a view that was. In addition to this, I got opportunity to see the satellite (payload) being flag off from SAC, Ahmedabad to ISAC, Bangalore.

This, I would like to point out, was a very good experience for us because here we had to develop something for them and it was more of a challenge.

On a concluding note, I think my internship experience has been amazing because I got the chance to do a project on my own and I managed to put in all my efforts and did my best. The internship put in a lot of confidence in me because it is a very good feeling when you make a project on your own and it is accepted by various departmental heads.


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