NU Research Assistantship Programme (NUrap)

NU Research Assistantship Programme (NUrap)

The NU Research Assistantship Programme (NUrap) is designed to engage the students of NU more deeply in the research life of the University. The programme therefore provides opportunities to work with the faculty to carry out innovative research and to vigorously pursue the applications that flow from it. The students will get an opportunity to work very closely with and be mentored by faculty researchers to enhance their skills in areas of their interest. The aim is to develop innovative solutions to the most daunting challenges by engaging in frontline research at the frontiers of modern technology and this initiative is indeed a commendable one.

There are a series of project under this programme and the first one is “An Improved Remote User Authentication Scheme for Privacy-Preserving for TMIS” undertaken by Aakansha Kapoor and Siddhant Bhattacharya and their Mentor is Prof. Trupil Limbasiya. So here is how the students feel about NUrap in their own words.

We feel security is an important aspect of any system or for any person hence efficient models should be implemented in order to make things and information/data more secure.
Generally, a secure system has 3 necessary requirements such that authentication, privacy and integrity all of these help make a secure environment in which the data can be saved.
Our project deals with Telecare Medicine Information Systems (TMIS), as here we are dealing with a person’s medical data, we need to take care of the authentication protocols to access the data as well as maintain the privacy desired by the person as well as maintain the integrity of the data.
But the most important aspect of this is authentication of the person using the service hence our prime focous has been authentication of the user. Also in order to make the authentication process flexible we are inplementing remote user authentication to overcome some weaknesses.
“It was a completely new experience for me as I had never studied any subject from this domain but I did learn a couple of things which has helped me to select my electives for my next semester and as a matter of fact I have developed a liking for this domain and I must say my mentor Trupil Limbasiya has helped me for the same. I am looking forward to studying further and working in this field”- Aakanksha Kapoor(B.Tech CSE 2013-17).
“I, being a student of information security, was quite influenced by this field and I wanted to work on such core research projects, I still recall that after taking my admission in this university I was asked that why did I join this university? My answer was I wanted to do research and after 3 years, here I am, totally engrossed in doing what I love, research. It has been really a great experience for me with my mentor Trupil Limbasiya who has helped me understand more advance concepts of this domin, I want to continue my work in this field.”-Siddhant Bhattacharya(B.Tech CSE 2013-17).



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