Being at crossroads can be daunting but it’s a unique opportunity to discover your potential.

Being at crossroads can be daunting but it’s a unique opportunity to discover your potential.

At the end of my second year, I felt I was at a crossroads about choosing where I would see my career progress in the future. I had realized this deep seated urge and desire in myself about all things non scientific. I saw myself taking more interest in my HSSM courses, and that is when I realized I would be pursuing my masters in management and related fields.

Jumping off the bandwagon of research and engineering studies, was difficult. Everyone around me was going for an integrated PhD but it didn’t affect me much.  I took my GRE classes at the end of my second year but somehow I ended up waiting an entire year before I took the exam.

At the end of my third year, I found myself racing against time because I had spent one year procrastinating about when to take the GRE exam. In my seventh semester I started doing my Industry Practice (IP) at Fortis Healthcare, Kolkata. For the two months of June and July, I would stay back late in the hospital and prepare my coursework.

Finally gave my GRE in September’17 and I secured a decent score of 320/340 (Quant: 163/170 and English: 157/170). Following my GRE, I also gave my TOEFL exam and secured a 109/120. After submitting my essays, Statement of Procedure, LORs, I got successful in getting an interview call for the Grande Ecole Masters in Management program in three of the top 4 universities in France and Europe.

Unlike an engineering admission, all MBA/ Masters in Management program requires you to have a personal face to face interview with representatives from the college. On the interview day, I genuinely felt nerve wracking since the other interviewees were all graduates with a minimum of two years of work experience and I was the only student there who had yet not graduated. We were at Indo French Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( IFCCI) in New Delhi, and the interview lasted for about 10-15 minutes. They discussed about my short term and long term goals, they took great interest in knowing my profile and my motivation for doing everything that I had mentioned on the resume.

Three weeks later, I got the mail that I had gotten an admit into EMLyon (located in Lyon, France), ranked 12th best in the world by QS rankings in 2018. The only thing I would suggest for people who would have been a similar situation as mine, is that be confident about what you want, start planning early and brush up your communication skills. All of this makes achieving your goals much easier.


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