Believe in yourself and Work Positively, You are sure to Succeed.

Believe in yourself and Work Positively, You are sure to Succeed.

My story began at a night camp where a girl asked me if I would like to do a scary dance for the University fest, which was supposed to take place within 5 days and they had not found anyone yet. I looked at myself and laughed, as I had never danced on a stage before.

I explained her that I have a stiff body and I am afraid of large crowds so just cannot dance. Just then, a thought rushed into my head that there is nothing wrong in giving it a shot so I decided to say yes. The following day I went to the dance room praying and hoping that I do not make a fool of myself. When I got there that girl introduced me to my fellow dancers and after watching, them dance my confidence level increased (as I saw many newbies who danced well). She then taught me my steps and motivated me, which helped in overcoming my fear of dancing. I practiced every evening until I reached perfection.

Finally, the day arrived when we were going to perform on stage. My nervousness was at its peak and on seeing my costume at first I was about to back off but then the creative team painted me in such a way that left me completely flabbergasted and confident. So I gave my best and that act turned out to be one of the best performances ever given by me. After the performance I was overwhelmed on listening to the crowds applauds and praises. That day I learnt that whatever comes your way, just accept it positively, because no one can tell what lies ahead waiting for you.






Sheldon Dsouza

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