End of the road-The dusk of my School life

End of the road-The dusk of my School life

I slept and dreamt that School life was my in-transient beauty-my school and I earmarked for each other, I a steward and my school, my native dream land. I woke up, only to realize that it was rather a fancy. I hurried and got ready and complete with my satchel, ran to laugh the last laugh of my School life. The School blocks, though all coated with radium green, rebuffed pale and frenzy to me as if I was in a trance. All I could do was to look, look and only look. Somehow, I managed crumbling steps and reached the first step. Panting, I bowed and kissed the ground and when and what rang the bell, I could not resonate with.


Amidst the great bustle and glimmering familiar faces, I lost my adrenaline and stooped, only to sit on what was to me a horseback, my bench, as if it was my destiny, even if I averted it. What was said and done, I could not envision, but, the inert butterflies in my stomach panic-struck me as soon as the devil, the gong of the bell sounded its kiss with it. The semi-alive impulse could sense the obligatory and I was sent to astray, in a whisky. Out in the campus, my Revered Principal Sir hovered towards me as if he was a mundane God and lit the gloom in my eyes with his take on the Philosophy of Life. My teachers, my auriferous and gemmiferous jewels hugged me and I could enjoy the final bell no more. I could not realize my motion and commotion and whether my eyes threw away tears or dew drops, even I cannot tell.


And it finally was the time to tell the world that I was a kid no more. My School, my lovely damsel, eroded from my periphery. I bottlenecked to my home, unstimulated. Alas! The drowning Sun scarred my daily compulsion-my capricious School days. Here I stand, all passive and de-bloomed!


Long live my Alma-Mater!


Rahul Saha

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