“Happiness is doubled when it comes with a Surprise”

“Happiness is doubled when it comes with a Surprise”

Fancy title, isn’t it? Took me longer to think than writing this one! So brace yourself as I take you to a ride of experiences of my ‘First College Fest’.

The minute one sets foot to college life, there a handful of things just making up his/her bubble of expectation.  I being one of those ‘hopefully’ normal, highly introverted and socially awkward teenagers had my bubble small while having only “4 years without my roof of comfort- hope I survive” as the soap solution creating it. No, I wasn’t much excited about any fest, or, to be precise, that very thought didn’t even have a place in my system.  So, while trying to find myself some alone place to just sit and think, I ‘accidentally’ found some crazy bunch of people. Them made me feel that I wasn’t alone (which, technically, I knew) and that I don’t need to pretend that I’m alone (that was new!).
I started gelling up, got out of my comfort- (uncomfortable-awkward) – zone, got involved in things I’m good at. Oh wait. . What am I good at? Well, neither singing nor dancing. No drama. Nope, I was too lazy for sports or yoga. So what was it?  I joined the clubs which include none that I mentioned earlier – Event Management and Social Media. So I worked at, if not, at least covered various events as a Social Media Reporter.

A semester passed by and I was doing great. The starting of the next had a different aroma in the surrounding. People were going gaga over the fact that their college fest was approaching and me? I was again awkwardly asking myself what’s so intense about college fests anyway! Never mind!

The thing I was least excited about came and I, not (only) being a part of the enjoyment, but happen to become a part of the making. Yes! Event Management it is. I worked. Pre-event work, On-event work, (Non-event work) I was a part of them all. I found happiness while juggling with ideas and (not being good at that too) catching the right ones and letting all the other break (miserably). Maybe that’s what the excitement people talk about while they overhear ‘college fest’ (?).  However, the day arrived. “IngeNUty 2018- Upside Down”, it read. ‘Upside Down’ was the theme which I didn’t understand but perceived to be “a strange way of looking things and find the beauty in it”. Maybe that was somewhere close to the actual meaning, or maybe I’m just looking it in a strange way to make it beautiful. And about the name, they HAD to have NU (NIIT University) in between their name anyway. It was quite fancy and also a good way to show college affection. The day started with me getting early (10AM, quite early for a holiday) in the morning to look around my first ever college fest. Bright sunny day it was with a little wind touching my skin. No, still couldn’t feel the “college-fest-excitement-aroma” in the air. I went out to see. . . Nothing! They were still working on setting the stage; the stall-tents are still under construction, and oh! I went to the Registration Desk (I was a volunteer there) to find no one again.

Quite disgusted, I was thinking blankly not realizing that I was staring at one of my good friends who was working there for operations. He, being one of those who knew my feelings about a college fest, came close to me and whispered, “It’s okay, fests are supposed to start late evening”.  So I spent rest of my day either being at the registration desk waiting eagerly, gazing towards the gateway, for registrations or attending the day-time sports competition being held.  As the sun bid me goodbye for the day, the air of the dawn had a different aroma. Stalls were set. Stage was ready. And there a couple of oxytocin and serotonin started dancing inside my body.  At 7’O lock beat dropped as our honorable President Sir commenced the event open. The dance club freaked my veins with their opening dance. The next which followed was organized by “Limewit”, a student organized platform for writers and artist where the poetry and specially the stand-up comedians held me to the edge of happiness. The battle of bands followed which spread an energetic vibe through the nerves of every one present there. Hooting and clapping to the beats, the battle of bands was marked closed by the Swarantar Band, WHICH WAS AMAZING. It was like taking you to the edge of excitement throughout the competition and then showing you the view from that height while the judges themselves set the stage to fire. Beautiful! Then it was time for the DJ Night with DJ Tejas in the house which went on till 0430 hrs.

The following two days went with the same vibe, double the excitement, triple the happiness.  From being given strong messages like sex education and child trafficking via Nukkad Nattaks and Stage Play; to being taken to the edge of our imagination on creativity via Fashion Show. Being a great fan of stand-up comedy, I enjoyed the opportunity to enjoy Shahil Shah performing LIVE. I enjoyed all the sports event to the tech events. The dancers on the dance competitions left me awestruck. Last but not the least; the Nalayak Band ended the event with their pinch of astonishing, astounding, prodigious and miraculous awesomeness.


From being a calm observer to freakishly shouting and cheering at whatever that’s being presented, From being a critic for the excitement people had, to being a part of it, From being n to n+1. Yes the mess sobbed the three days to see my face while I was carelessly eating whatever I saw in the stalls. I wonder if it was me being critical while waking up early to see what’s going on or was it just my hidden excitement. The virus in the atmosphere did affect me before the event but it took me the whole three days of pure oxytocin dance to realize what a college fest actually feels like. I’m grateful to my seniors for making my first one a good one. But I vow to make my juniors’ first time a better one. For an awkward junior like me, should for once live to their verge of happiness. Also, to all the readers who aren’t a regular reader, I’d just sum up the whole thing in one word- “Astoding”.


-Neelakshi Talukdar

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