siNUsoid’17:  A new start to “Tune In For Reverberance”

siNUsoid’17: A new start to “Tune In For Reverberance”

Someone rightly said- “You don’t have to be great to start something new, but you have to start it to make it great.”

It all started with a bunch of crazy tech-enthusiast and a spark of idea which struck them out of no-where. The idea was to create a wave of innovation and technology across the college campus, to motivate other students to recognize their talent and to provide them a platform where they can share their knowledge and follow their passion. In short it was all about to organize a tech fest for the very first time in our college campus.

Yes, it does sound great. Isn’t it? But the problem now was “how to initiate it?”, “where to start from?”, “Is it possible to implement it?”, “whom to ask for help?”, “what to do and what not?” and many more. Indeed it was a great initiative but a path full of challenges and responsibilities. It was not an easy job.  With flickering hope but motivated mind we gather some strength to pitch our idea. And to your surprise it was not an absolute “Yes” in first go. The very initial steps taken by our team were a failure and came out with tons of disappointing thoughts.

Disappointing it was but not enough to shatter our hope. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg once said, “When option A is not available, let’s kick the shit out of option B.”  With numerous sleepless nights, days of hard work and series of proposals, it took number of attempts for us to get the idea approved. Finally the first level of achievement was unlocked by the team in the month of March when we got permission to execute our idea. So that’s how the journey started and the first techfest of NIIT University came into existence. Not to mention the sole credit goes to the team of eleven undergraduates comprising of Shivang, Sangamesh, Shivangi, Shivam, Sai Praneeth, Rohan, Antra, Prateek, Sudhanshu, Uddalak and Dhruv for overcoming all the obstacles  and converting their idea into reality.

Next comes another phase of problems when the idea was supposed to be implemented but “what should we name it?” A good name for an effective start, it does matter right? After a long session of brain storming we came up with a very common word in physics “sinusoid” which represents a sine wave for a repetitive simple harmonic oscillation. There was nothing special about the word “sinusoid” written as “siNUsoid”, except for the fact that it has letters ‘N’, ‘U’ which can be used to represent our university and it matches the purpose of our idea i.e. to propagate a wave of innovation bridging technology and creativity among the students.


siNUsoid’17: “Tune In For Reverberance”

Yes, that was the name we coined for our techfest, the silliest and the craziest word we can come up with at that time. Surly it was going to be something interesting as there was already a buzz going around the campus even before any official announcement about the techfest. siNUsoid’17 was officially declared on 18th April 2017 with the event of “First Draft” and a keynote delivered by Prof. V.S. Rao. A positive response was all that we wanted from the audience to trigger the complete agenda, and somewhere it was achieved by this event. Everyone became excited and was looking forward to it as siNUsoid’17 was not just three days long technical fest of NIIT University, but it consist of a series of events organized in a sequence until it reached the climax at the end i.e. in the month of October.


We started with our very first event “Cod Amplitude” in the month of May itself. It was a 24hr coding competition sponsored by “CodeChef” one of the leading global competitive programming platform. Indeed it was a benchmark as we went global for the first time with nine international participants. In total 19 colleges and 3 schools participated. This was followed by some of the major prefest events such as “Women Tech Day”- to foster girls on campus and to celebrate women empowerment and an exclusive Cyber Security workshop by one of India’s eminent ACM speaker, and an eminent figure in the field of Cyber Security Research and Social Network analysis, Mr. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru (popularly known as PK). Along with these, we also had in-house groups like Linux User Group, Free Code Camp, Robotics Club and Competitive Coding Group which were continuously increasing the level of enthusiasm among the students and their urge to dive into the pool of innovation and technologies.

The frequency at which we all were resonating was increasing day by day until we reached the most awaited last three days of our techfest i.e. from 6th – 8th October 2017. It was finally time for everyone to quench their thirst for all the fun and geeky stuff they have been waiting for. A three days non-stop experience of Coding, Debugging, Goggling, Gaming, with live demonstration of latest technologies involved in hacking, game development and many more were all integrated and brought under one umbrella by siNUsoid’17.


“Everything seems to be perfectly complete with a cultural tinge in it.”- Because it’s India.

Well that’s very true, and hence we tried to make siNUsoid’17 a perfect amalgamation of culture and technology. The opening ceremony of the techfest was unique in itself, starting with lighting the lamp by our chief guest and a short speech by Prof. P. Mandke which was then followed by series of cultural performances and a keynote at the end declaring the fest open. Among the various events, Rahul Tyagi- an expert in cyber security and Vice President of Lucideus stole the charm on the second day in his Exclusive Cyber Security Workshop with fastest live demonstration of Android Hacking. On the other hand gaming leagues with games like CS-GO, FIFA 17, X-BOX 360, and COD MW3 were another center of attraction on last two days of the techfest. Other events like Code Jam, Math Jam, Darwin Games, Mr. Googler and various other workshops maintained the pace of the celebration throughout the fest. It was for the first time that everyone was experiencing the vastness of various technical domains and realizing its future scope. For some siNUsoid’17 was a stepping stone to recognize and develop their interest zone where as for others an opportunity to showcase their talent by competing on global platform like Code Chef, Hacker Earth and Top Coders. Indeed it increased the visibility of students of NIIT University in technical and non-technical communities in the perigee.



“Nothing can be better than ending with a smile”

With that, the extravaganza journey of siNUsoid’17 came to an end on 8th October. A closing ceremony with a vote of thanks was a smooth and satisfying ending of the techfest which had already engraved everyone’s heart and filled the atmosphere with thrill for past few days. Notwithstanding the fact that it was our very first attempt to organize a techfest, we truly came out with flying colors. It was a knowledgeable journey full of fun and learning’s and left us with beautiful memories which we will cherish later. Team siNUsoid tried its best to add a new tradition of basking in the knowledge of innovation and technologies at NIIT University and hopes that this culture will flourish in coming time. All we can do now is to hope that the wave which we had generated can “Reverberate” at a higher amplitude and “Tune In” more number of people to create a greater impact. At last, it was nice tuning with everyone through siNUsoid’17.

From Team siNUsoid,

Antra Tripathi

Creative Head –siNUsoid’17

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