RESONANCE- A 21 Day Induction Programme

RESONANCE- A 21 Day Induction Programme

Cold feet. Anxious. Nervous. Excited. Enthusiastic. Scared. These are the emotions that every fresher feels on loop. To harness these feelings into something positive, NIIT University brings ‘RESONANCE- A 21 Day Induction Programme’ to you. Resonance is planned in such a way, that by the end of the programme, a fresher feel at home and a part of the NUton family. This also makes sure that the student gets familiar to the environment at NU. It is a pre-planned event, with various activities, such as dance, music, theatre, sports, adventure sports etc. It is an intense yet a fun way to start the academic year. Rather than directly jumping into the hectic courses, Resonance gives you an easy slide into the college life. Since, all of this is new to them, the students are divided into clusters with 10-12 members each, which is led by two mentors. The mentors happen to be the senior students of the university.



There is something or the other planned throughout the day to keep the students on their feet. Rising with the sun, the first years start their day with various adventure sport. Ranging from trekking to artificial river crossing. Each cluster goes for a different activity daily. Once this is done, in the afternoon various seminars are scheduled for the students. These seminars help them to broaden their perspective and give a new sight to everything. These sessions are taken Many prominent personalities. Mr. Bhaskar Pramanik, former chairman of Microsoft India, Mr Rajendra Singh, also known as the “Waterman of India”, were one of them. Such kind of sessions give a lot of exposure and inspiration for the budding youths. On the days when there is no session, academic classes are arranged, so that everyone is familiar to the basics of engineering. Club activities such as robotic club, theatre, music, dance and many more are organised in the early evening. To keep your body fit, the late evenings are scheduled with inter cluster matches. Every cluster competes with the other in the field of sports. From basketball to cricket, there are so many sports to choose from. Play, compete, win. Followed by this, at night, everyone assembles in the auditorium, to discuss the events of the day, and a fun session.


Even though the day seems long, but they are filled with fun, learning and exposure. This is one experience you cannot get somewhere else. Resonance shapes a learner completely, from personality development to academic growth. So, do not miss it if you want to live it.

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