Body Shaming

Body Shaming

Have you ever been to this?
“The ‘Atman’ is the same in one and all, there is only a difference of manifestation in different individuals…”
-Swami Vivekananda
I got that urge to have a personal study on body shaming at my level. I don’t know how it sounds, but yes I put up questions to my closest friends in my friends’ list whom I definitely face regularly and asked them their personal experience on the same if any.
You would not believe! The beauty once faced it. The rock once was put down. The calmest one was even bullied. You can count me too.
This is going to be a disclosure of some experiences maybe with some blur identity like this picture down.

So yes! “It wasn’t meant to discourage you, We wanted something more of you, it was for fun, You should have enjoyed it too”. Trust me on these lines.
Rather to my observation, it clicked to me as one of the most hurtful experience which can never be forgotten being alive. One should instead believe that every person has the potential and the power within himself. What if you haven’t yet encountered the same with that ‘perspective’ of yours, what if you are naive to the fact of his strength, it nowhere makes a sense to discourage anyone.
Be it a girl or a boy, when I found five out of seven people saying yes to the question and while sharing the paragraph, they took plenty of time to frame it though.
How the requirements of many professions have changed? Maybe that’s the reason. It is not an ideal body shown in magazines, no tag on it to make you believe it the best. What you see on the cover pages is merely a contract for the same to be stuck there with edits. If we all mold our thoughts completely according to it, everyone should die with the zero figure to be the ideal one. (What about the foodies!!?)
A boy(my friend) had an issue with his hair, that curled hair which made his classmates bully him badly for that. At first, on this, my reacted was so much like a stupid cat to describe. Later on, reading how he felt of those teases as a child in the schools without any support of any friend brought me to think back on writing on this topic with experiences like that and commenting.
I can’t judge the consequences of it, but I can surely say of the impact it leaves behind, especially for one as a child.
The experience of the girl having a dark complexion and getting rejected almost for every event she pokes her interest in, can’t be denied. It was really hard for me to read, not the words but the emotions they held. Come on, it’s the era we are dying for that flawless tan, trust me for I know my girls!
Some say partiality has become a part of it. Some say it’s the same, whether being facing partial decisions in stuff you excel in, is very near the consequence of your ‘not so good’ body and the person’s desire to hire. We really need to think about it.
Some of my friends don’t even want to remember that phase of their life even. Maybe it was so disgusting. Whatever it is, we notice it in high rates in our society where we speak and write long on equality and love!
If this continues in your circle, in your campus, in any of your associate places, there is a drop down change ahead to face for all of us.
These experiences might just be a small thing to discuss on but when we really make our efforts on learning the mentality that we are developing in getting the definition of ‘perfection’ around, that will just blow your mind. God made human. That’s all. Anything that has come above humanity, is just a myth and is wrong to happen. He has created variety and we should see the beauty of it, rare and honest, the beauty.

Shreya Nigam

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