Mindful Peace

Mindful Peace

When I think about Peace one thing that comes to my mind is the pristine environment. I feel as if I am in a pure surrounding, far away from this bustling world and relaxing. Peace comes from within and it cannot be searched outside. Peace of mind or I should term it as “Mindful Peace” is a sacred space where you leave all your baggage of life and surrender yourself to almighty. This should be experienced by all of us in order to get our life in balance. Let your inner self-float within sacred space. It will be akin to floating in a space where you and only you are present and nobody else is there.

One may think that mindful peace is applying your mind to gather peacefully. I would say, just leave your mind to rest and bring peace in yourself. Until you experience it, you may never get yourself out of this mind-bending world and rise above yourself. One should balance his inner self with outer self through this. We create goals in our lives to achieve something but we do not search for the goals for our own ascent. Take some time out for yourself and immerse in your own self.

Present times are testing for human beings in its own way. God is throwing challenges to humanity of remaining stable in these testing times. As we are drawing ourselves more towards materialism, our stability as a human is taking a beating. This stability is utterly necessary for bringing strength within to remain calm and the way to attain it is to look within. Challenges and hardships will remain throughout our lives but only if you grow yourself from within, it will help you sail through these phases.

Sacred space is the place to be where you need to look out for peace. This may feel an arduous task for us to do but once in a while we must have said ourselves that we want to be at peace. It may happen now or after a few years, but a day will come when we feel the need to be free of the stressful chains surrounding us. Make that day today and start your journey with yourself. Experience the charismatic and unimaginable view that the Almighty has created for us. He wants us to feel his pure and eternal love, that he showers upon us, from within. Therefore, It is important to look within and understand why you are here in this world !!!


Priyank Jha


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