The Phase of Delusion

The Phase of Delusion

The conjecture of activities that

I was surrounded by

Stranded me,

Like a fool it made me feel,

No doubt the situations were delusional

A difficult decision to make

To stay or to flee?

To trust the process or set free?

Simple it seems deep down

Implementation is the key

A venom that ruptures your ability to grow

To experience the pain

To go with the flow

The stagnation making its home

Accruing comfort as time passes

Anxieties uncountable

Changes being “the demand”

A difficult decision to make

To a wordpress journey with unknown destination

Full of thorns or a boon to your stature?

A cave of hell

Leaving you in a state of delusion

All alone!

For the suffering is important

The only gain and pain

Will I ever be able to draw a conclusion?

Or will it just remain a confusion?

Purvi Madhusudan


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