An Average Guy

An Average Guy

It looks very obnoxious sitting in the class, peering the blackboard numbly, trying to recognize the symbols, writing something very absurd in a language alien to one, which is literally not going to help mankind. Then staring at the watch, as  if this would make the lecture get shorter, calculating the marks that will be announced in front of the whole class and then wondering how to engage oneself so as to kill the time more beautifully! And as far as studies are concerned, it seems quite confident to learn all the things in the hostel, a day before the exam, leaving all crap in the class. Yes….it looks like a confession of an ingenious “average guy”.

Having a four year financial vacations, in the pursuit of “engineering”, gives him a lot of time to read, write, get into troubles, quarrels, likes dislikes and all that makes life interesting and full of adventure, that deserves to be scripted in a golden calligraphy. Thanks also to his single status, which goes along with him in all his four years journey of graduation, as it permits him to waste his time more intellectually. Charles Darwin’s theory of ‘survival of the fittest’ is cent-percent applicable to all the engineering colleges in India, where the girl-boy ratio makes the competition fierce among all such races and difficult for all “average” guys who resemble Indian athletes among European and American athletes, and always find themselves ranked in hundreds! And to avoid the pain of losing in this race, they adopt an attitude of “not interested”, which at times, becomes difficult to hide in front of that smile.

Besides, the thing which makes one “an average guy” is his “marks”. He merely gets 60% in the paper……..and this really motivates him to work harder and be in the league of “average” again. The only thing about scoring low is that it motivates you to work harder and give yourself a chance of improvement and fill yourself with a lot of optimism. After marks, the next thing in the line which completes “an average guy” is his super-caring mother. For her “Raja Beta”, whom she still thinks to be very humble, benevolent, non alcoholic and non smoker, she still concerns a lot about his hygiene, his regularity in taking bath, his frizzy hairs and guess what, how he crosses a road.

But what I have realized is that, being an average is not at all a curse, actually it’s a bliss in disguise. I must say it leads to a very relaxed state of mind, far away from fierce competition. No one expects you to perform, neither your Profs nor your parents. You get the freedom to choose any marks between zero and maximum without getting native looks from others. It gives you ample time to discuss worldly topics ranging from love to war, peace to destruction etc. and no one’s is going to ask you about the hours wasted. It gives a lot of flexibility in one’s time table with a focus on 10- hour’s sound sleep (a must for global peace!) An average always finds himself among the majority of the class with the same type of smiling faces and super cool attitude, so there is not a single chance of conflict between species for bunk purpose!

Stay Happy, Stay Average.

PS: One should have a lot of courage and heart to call himself an “average” among all those “valedictorians”.


-Rajat Srivastav

Btech III


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