What if you get high

What if you get high

What if you tried to live the some other version of you, but why?

Because at that point u cannot see anyone

Other than your problems: that landed u in the position at the first place;

Or what if u drank to celebrate and not to forget your problems?

Perhaps u were high because

U were basically out of your mind,

U were out of every single corner of your body;

Because you choose not to respond and then

When you took the first sip:

That one sip felt as if

A wave of soft linen;

Took away all the wrinkles that existed in your heart,

And did that unwrinkled piece took all your wrinkles?

Perhaps for that time: that seemed to be uncountable to u,

That moment brought a victory to your heart

Because it fought the battle that it had with the mind,

And conquered and dominated your every sense

And made u vulnerable to every tide that was been thrown;

With every sip of the drink, that u took

But did u ever cared about?

About why did you really took that sip?

Was it forced?

Was it necessary?

Was it demanding?

Or was it your own choice?

-Neeharika Gupta

(Btech II)

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