Book Launch Event

Book Launch Event

Mr. Kiran Karnik, Padma Shri, former president of NASSCOM and former founder-director of ISRO’s Development and Educational Comm. Unit visited NIIT University for his book launch on 8th February,2019. It is the third book he’s written and published and is named as “eVolution : India’s Disruptive Technology Story”.


Firstly, I feel extremely delighted to witness his presence in the campus. His very presence made the environment really blissful, let alone his words.


About the Book

Talking about his book, he briefed out how past has evolved not just in terms of nature but mostly in terms of technology and IT. How the world has changed for the people of the ‘ancient times’ as he called himself and how they’ve witnessed this change.


Technology : Is it really worth it?

Talking about the technological advancements, as he rightly mentioned as an example, that man has figured out/is still figuring out various replacements of the body parts. You got a heart problem? Get a pace maker! Hearing issue? Hearing aids! Slowly and slowly our body is turning into a system comprising of a number of machines. If this continues, if man replaces every body part with a machine, will we not be a mere machine by ourselves eventually? Doesn’t that make us immortal? Do you want to be immortal though? Think again! He also spectated how in future man will be able to do genetic designs. Just visualize the baby you want (fair, long nose, short hair growth) and design its genes to get the perfect one.

If we hear it at once, it seems all fascinating. However, giving it a second thought, can change your views. Some NUton from the audience rightly said that in the past, differences in human beings were all natural. But now, men are creating the differences for themselves. Taking the example of the difference between the rich and poor. Will not this technological advancement enhance this difference further? The one with a heavy pocket gets to enjoy the advantages of this technology, gets to live a life near to ideal, a perfect life. Whereas, if you’re poor, you get nothing and hence get poorer.

On the other hand, being an optimistic soul, he has also made us see through the lenses of positivity. “if you digitalise everything, will not the unemployment issue rise?”, someone asked and to which he explained saying digitizing banking had also came across a high rate of unemployment, but on a longer run, in a large scale, it opens up more advanced jobs. Again “aren’t technology making us less knowledgeable and more dependent because earlier when we drive across a path, we tend to remember every street and lane we pass through but now we just need a smart phone and good internet”, someone asked again. “Books were considered to be doing the same earlier as people can write it down and refer when requires. They don’t need to remember. But as time passed, it’s importance was recognized and accepted”.


End Note

The conversation between him and NUtons continued followed by the book launch. He left us all again with the same question which is still unanswered- “Is Technological Advancement a boon or a bane?”.


-Neelakshi Talukdar

2nd Year, B.Tech (ECE)

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