Highlights of the third day- IngeNUity 2K19

Highlights of the third day- IngeNUity 2K19

Street play: team of “Amity University” declared as winner in Nukkad Natak in IngeNUity 2K19


Nukkad Natak was full of excitement with various enthralling plays. Amity University added to their existing skills and  confidence, received admiration from a very interested audience in NU. The team put up a brilliant show and brought out for a social cause. The message given by the street play  was indeed a profound one.


“Indian Institute of Economics” wins the Fashion Show in ingeNUity 2K19


‘Fashion is the Armor to survive the reality of everyday life.’

The excitement of the fashion show electrified the air. While spectators enjoyed the night, the spirit of competition intensified the audience and the winners were “Indian Institute of Economics”.


“LMIT” stole the show in ingeNUity 2K19 in Dance


The dance is over, the applause subsided, but the joy and feeling will stay with us forever. The dance troupes from various colleges mesmerised the audiences with their performances.The attractive costumes, fluid dance movements and fascinating props made it tough for the Judges to decide the winners,but at last “LMIT” Grabbed the title in Group & Duet performance.



6 Miles Ahead wins “Battle of Bands” at INGENUITY 2K19


With the lights turned low and the haunting melody, it turned out to be an enjoyable watch.

Coming back to the spirit of the competition, the “6 Miles Ahead” band completed their tumultuous journey with a huge surprise victory and etched their names in the Records of NU.




Tanoura, the magic of twirling at ingeNUity 2K19


NU got a taste of the magical world of Egyptian Sufi performer called Tanoura as part of a filler in ingeNUity on Sunday evening.The audience gawked as the men showed the grace of a ballerina with superb athletism.

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